Lough Eske Castle is located in the scenic and unspoiled shores of Lough Eske in south county Donegal. This was once part of the domain of the powerful O’Donnell clan who ruled for hundreds of years from the nearby Donegal Castle. They had a smaller castle on Lough Eske which they often used as a prison. During the period of plantation after the Flight of the Earls in 1607 this area was granted to Sir Basil Brooke. Brooke built a manor house near here in 1621 and introduced Scottish settlers into this area. His estates including Lough Eske Manor House eventually passed to a Thomas Young through marriage. Young changed his surname to Brooke and started developing this area. He built an attractive church here which he named ‘Christ Church’ in 1846 and then hired a Derry architect named Fitzgibbon Louch to completely redesign his existing manor house. The result was a grand Elizabethan-style residence finished in 1868 which became known as Lough Eske Castle. The castle was run as a guest house up until about the 1890’s but the place eventually fell into a state of ruin during the 1900’s. The castle was however bought and lovingly restored by Harcourt Developments during Ireland’s deepest recession and reopened as the Solis Lough Eske Hotel in December 2007. It is now Donegal’s only 5* hotel and one of Ireland’s spectacular places to stay in.