The Ardmore Gallen Stone stands over 6 feet tall in a field near the village of Muff overlooking Lough Foyle. More than 10,000 standing stones have been recorded in Ireland and many were used for marking tribal boundaries, a ritual location, or for marking a burial chamber. They are difficult to date as some were found to be erected as late as the 18th century as scratching posts for cattle! Many are plain and undecorated but this one has numerous ‘cupmarks’ (small depressions) and ‘swirling patterns’ carved into it which can be dated to the Bronze Age. It stands over 6 feet tall and is nearly 3 feet wide so it is not just an ordinary old stone made to stand up in a field. There are hundreds of theories that suggest different meanings for these carvings but the latest leading theories  suggest they must of been some sort of early recording system for the seasons or for star constellations. N.B Stone is located on private farmland – please ask for permission before entry.

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