The Brehon’s Chair, also known as Taylors Grange is the remains of a passage tomb located near Marlay Park in South County Dublin. The monument comprises of 3 granite stones and was misunderstood in Victorian times to be a seat used by the ancient druids for worship. It was probably at one stage covered by a large cairn of stones similar in style to the Newgrange monument. The 2 front stones of this structure were the ‘portal stones’ where the cremated bones and grave goods of the most important member of the clan were placed inside. During recent excavations flint tools were found which confirms its original use. Druids lived in Ireland between about 500 b.c and 500 a.d so this tomb was around for about 1500 years before they arrived!  The Brehon laws were statutes that governed everyday life and politics in Ireland up until the Norman invasion of 1169. These laws were written in the period between 600 – 900 a.d and existed alongside Canon law throughout the early Christian period. The monument is now located within the grounds of a private gated housing estate.

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