Iron Age 600 b.c – 400 a.d

Iron Age 600 b.c – 400 a.d

This was the period of Celtic ideas spreading into Ireland. Settlement and burial evidence is scarce during this period. The La Tene style evolved using spirals and stylised animals. This was period during the ‘Royal’ sites were built like Tara, Rathcrogan and Navan for ritual and ceremonial activity.

Other monuments from this period include…Ring Barrows, Hillforts, Linear earthworks, Ring ditches.

Cúchulainn’s Stone


Cúchulainn's Stone (Clochafarmore) is located near the village of Knockbridge in co.Louth. It may date to anytime between 1000 b.c - 500 a.d. According to legend, the mortally wounded Cúchulainn bound himself to this 10 [...]

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Super rich historic Island off north county Dublin


Lambay lies 4km off the north County Dublin coast and is the eastern most point of Ireland. In the Neolithic period it was used as a production site for axes from the quarrying stage right through [...]

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