Ireland’s Eye, North County Dublin

Ireland's Eye lies off the coast north of Howth Harbour. In pre-Christian times it was called Eria's Island and the Vikings substituted the word Island with Ey (their Norse equivalent) and so it became known [...]

Inch Island, Lough Swilly. co. Donegal (An Inse -‘island’//Loch SĂșilĂ­,- ‘Lake of Shadows)

Inch Island is a beautiful small island in Lough Swilly that is now connected to the mainland. In 1855, The Lough Swilly Railway Company, drained marshland near Inch and created two man made embankments which [...]

Dalkey Island, South County Dublin

The 22 acre island of Dalkey lies less than 300 metres off the south Dublin coastline near the village of Dalkey. It gets it's name from a meld of the Irish deilg ("thorn") and the [...]

Lambay Island – off North County Dublin

Lambay lies 4km off the north County Dublin coast and is the easternmost point of Ireland. It covers 2.5km sq and has steeps cliffs on it's north, south and eastern sides and is low lying [...]

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