County Carlow

The name Carlow may possibly be from the Old Irish word cethrae related to 4 as in 4 legged animals ? The second part of the name is the ending -lach for it is directly translated as “Four lakes”, although, there is seemingly no evidence to suggest that these lakes ever existed in this area!
Motto – None

These are the most significant landmarks, buildings and monuments in County Carlow

Carlow’s richest family, The IRA & Banshees

Duckett’s Grove, Rainstown, County Carlow This great house was built between 1818 and 1850 and was once home to the Duckett family. The Ducketts were Carlow's largest landowners for 300 years with an estate covering [...]

One of the finest Norman castles in Ireland blown up by a physician

Carlow Castle in located in Carlow Town. This was one of the finest Norman castles ever built in Ireland. It was built around 1213 by William Marshall and the site was carefully chosen because of it's [...]

Inspired by The Cloth Hall at Bruges, a magnificent tower & a European wide audience

This Gothic styled Cathedral was built in 1833 on the site of a penal church and is dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This was the second Catholic Cathedral to be built [...]

Europe’s largest and heaviest dolmen

The Brownshill Dolmen, Hackettstown, County Carlow This national monument is the Brownshill Dolmen. It is not only the largest example in Ireland but also in Europe with a capstone estimated to weigh in at over [...]

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