Dublin – Mountains

images of locations in the Dublin Mountains

Kilmashogue Wedge Tomb. Kilmashogue. co. Dublin. c.2000 b.c

The Kilmashogue Wedge Tomb is located half way up the Dublin Mountains near the car park of the Kilmashogue Recreation Area. The tomb dates from about 2000 b.c and would have originally been much larger [...]

Glencullen House, Glencullen. co.Dublin – c.1800 (Gleann Cuilinn-‘Valley of the Holly’)

Glencullen House is a Neoclassical style villa designed by the famous Irish architect, Francis Johnson. The house, along with it's Doric portico was added to an older farmhouse already positioned in this stunning tree lined [...]

Fairy Castle, 2 Rock Mountain. co.Dublin – 2500 > 2000 bc

This 'cairn' is a collapsed passage tomb and is often referred to as 'Fairy Castle'. It sits at the highest point of 'The Dublin Mountains' at an altitude of 1,740 feet beside a trig point [...]

The Merry Ploughboy Pub, Rockbrook. co.Dublin – est. c.1800

This traditional music bar claim's to be the only pub in Ireland that is run by traditional musicians - The Merry Ploughboys. It is located in a scenic location near Rathfarnham on the Dublin Mountains. [...]

Cruagh Churchyard Watchtower, Rockbrook. co.Dublin – 1720

This is Cruagh Watchtower, located in Rockbrook in south county Dublin. It was built c. 1720 as an observation point for a sentry to prevent body snatchers digging up 'fresh' dead bodies!  The reason for [...]

The Hellfire Club, Mount Pelier Hill. co.Dublin-1725

This infamous building was built in 1725 by William 'Speaker' Conolly as a hunting lodge for his Rathfarnham estate. It was originally known as 'Mount Pelier House' and has spectacular views over the entire City [...]

Brehon’s Chair, Rathfarnham. co.Dublin – c.2000 b.c

The Brehon's Chair, also known as Taylors Grange is the remains of a passage tomb located near Marlay Park in South County Dublin. The monument comprises of 3 granite stones and was misunderstood in Victorian [...]

The Blue Light Pub, Barnacullia, co.Dublin – est. c.1870

The Blue Light is a gem of a pub that is located 700 feet above sea level and has the finest views from any pub in Dublin. It  can be found in an area called [...]

Kilternan Dolmen, Kilternan. co.Dublin – c.3000 > 2500 b.c (Cill Tiarnáin-Church of Tiarnán)

The Kilternan Dolmen is located in the village of Kilternan in south county Dublin. It is believed to be the 2nd largest example in Ireland (next to the Brownshill Dolmen in Carlow) and dates from [...]

Glencullen Standing Stone, Glencullen. co.Dublin – c.1700 b.c (Gleann Cuilinn-‘Valley of the Holly’)

The Glencullen Standing Stone is can be found in the golf course facing Johnnie Fox's pub in the village of Glencullen. Standing stones or 'mehirs' are usually difficult to date but it is sometimes possible [...]

Johnnie Fox’s Pub, Glencullen. co.Dublin – est.1798 (Gleann Cuilinn-‘Valley of the Holly’)

Johnnie Fox's Pubs is one of the most famous pubs in Ireland and is visited by everyone from rock stars to royalty. The building used to be a small holding farm and areas within the [...]

Ballyedmunduff Wedge Tomb, Ballyedmunduff. co.Dublin – c.1700 b.c

Ballyedmunduff Wedge Tomb is a national monument and is considered to be one of the finest examples in Ireland. It was constructed during the bronze age and like many other wedge tombs is locally known [...]

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