Dublin – Phoenix Park

images of locations in phoenix park. dublin city

Farmleigh Estate, Phoenix Park. Dublin City 1884 (fionn uisce-“clear water’)

Farmleigh was originally a small Georgian house built in the late 1700's in the west corner of Phoenix Park. It was purchased by Edward Cecil Guinness on his marriage to his cousin, Adelaide Guinness in [...]

The Hole in the Wall Pub, Blackhorse Avenue. Dublin City – est.1651

The Hole in the Wall claims to be the longest pub and has the longest bar counter in Ireland. It was originally a coach house and dates to the mid 1650's. During these times, merchants, [...]

Knockmaree Dolmen, Phoenix Park. Dublin City – 3000 b.c > 1700 b.c

The Knockmaree Dolmen is probably the oldest monument within the city of Dublin, and is possibly the smallest ‘dolmen’ structure in Ireland. It is located beside Knockmary Lodge in Phoenix Park and is also known [...]

Ashtown Castle, Phoenix Park. Dublin City – c.1500

There is a fascinating  story why this castle looks so new....Ashtown Lodge was originally located on this site and in 1978 due to the presence of dry rot it was decided to demolish the 18th [...]

US Ambassador’s Residence, Phoenix Park. Dublin City-1776 (fionn uisce- “clear water’)

This beautiful building was built in 1776 for Sir John Blaquiere, the Chief Secretary for Ireland. It then became the official residence for this post (which was akin to Prime Minister) and 69 Chief Secretaries [...]

The Irish Army Headquarters, Phoenix Park. Dublin City – 1786

This is The Irish Army Headquarters built in 1786 as the Royal Military Infirmary by the designs of James Gandon.

The Papal Cross, Phoenix Park. Dublin City – 1979 (fionn uisce- “clear water’)

The Papal Cross is a simple large white cross that was erected near the edge of the Fifteen Acres area in Phoenix Park for the Papal visit of Pope John Paul II on the 29th [...]

The Criminal Courts of Justice, Parkgate Street. Dublin City – 2010

The new criminal courts complex in Dublin were designed by Henry J Lyons Architects and opened in 2010 and are among the most technologically advanced courts facilities in the World. Situated on the corner of [...]

Aras an Uachtarain, Phoenix Park. Dublin City – 1751 (‘House of the President’)

Aras an Uachtarain means 'House of the President' in Irish. The original house was built in 1751 and was designed by and for the park ranger and amateur architect, Nathaniel Clements. It then became home [...]

Magazine Fort, Phoenix Park. Dublin City – 1735 (fionn uisce- “clear water’)

Magazine Fort is located on the south side of Phoenix Park. This is the location where a house called Phoenix Lodge once stood. In 1734 the house was knocked down and the Duke of Dorset [...]

The Wellington Testimonial, Phoenix Park. Dublin City 1817-1861

The Wellington Testimonial, standing over 200 feet tall is Europe's largest obelisk. It was built between 1817 and 1861 as a commemoration to the victories of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. It has 4 [...]

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