Limerick City

limerick city

The Treaty Stone, Thomond Bridge. Limerick City – 1691

The 'The Treaty of Limerick' between King William and King James II was signed on this stone in 1691. After the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, the remainder of James II's defeated army retired [...]

St Mary’s Cathedral, Bridge Street. Limerick City – founded 1168

St Mary's Cathedral is the oldest, most historic and most beautiful building in Limerick City. According to tradition, Donal Mor O'Brien, the last King of Munster, founded this Romanesque Cathedral on the site of his [...]

King John’s Castle, King’s Island. Limerick City – 1200

This is the strategic location in 922 where Thormodr Helgason, the Viking sea-king, built the first permanent stronghold. The arrival of the Anglo-Normans to the area changed everything in 1172. In 1774, the local chieftain, [...]

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