Limerick City

The history of Limerick, stretches back to its establishment by the Vikings as a walled city on King’s Island (an island in the River Shannon) in 812, and its Royal Charter in 1197. It’s ancient name ‘Luimneach’ dates from at least 561, but its original meaning is unclear. It may mean ‘a bare or barren spot of land’, ‘a bare marsh’ or ‘a spot made bare by feeding horses’… nothing changes!

Motto: Urbs Antiqua Fuit Studiisque Asperrima Belli
‘There was an ancient city very fierce in the skills of war’

These are some of the most significant landmarks, buildings and monuments in Limerick City

A battle, a siege, a truce & the flight of the wild geese,

After the Battle of the Boyne in 1690 the remainder of James II's defeated army retired to Limerick under the command of Patrick Sarsfield where they held out a siege for over a year. When [...]

The oldest and most beautiful building in Limerick City

This National Monument is St Mary's Cathedral. It is located on Bridge Street in Limerick City and dates back to 1168 making it the oldest building in Limerick City predating John's Castle. This was previously [...]

Once regarded as the most beautiful city in Ireland, King John & A city under siege

King John's Castleis located in Limerick City. This was a a Viking stronghold in the 900's but the arrival of the Anglo-Normans in 1172 changed everything. In 1200, King John of England who was then [...]

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