County Monaghan

The Irish translation for Monaghan is ‘descendent of Manacháin’, which ultimately translates to ‘Monk’
Motto: Dúthracht agus Dícheall ‘Diligence and Best Endeavour’

These are some of the most significant landmarks, buildings and monuments in County Monaghan

Memorial to a local politician loved by his people

The Dawson Memorial is situated between Cootehill and Rockcorry in co. Monaghan. It was erected in 1809 by the independent voters of County Monaghan in praise of their local MP Richard Dawson. Richard 'Honest Dick' [...]

Grip Fast, Paul McCartney & Winstown Churchill

Castle Leslie is locate in Glaslough in county Monaghan. The Leslie Family can trace their ancestry back to Atilla the Hun of Hungary and to a nobleman called Bartholomew Leslie. Bartholomew saved Margaret Queen of [...]

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