County Donegal

Dún na nGall, meaning ‘Fort of the Foreigners’
Motto: Mutuam habeatis caritatem “Have love for one another”.

These are some of the most significant landmarks, buildings and monuments in County Donegal

A 5 Star Beauty in the wilds of Donegal

Lough Eske Castle, Lough Eske. County Donegal           1868 Lough Eske was once part of the domain of the powerful O’Donnell clan who ruled from the nearby Donegal Castle for hundreds of years. After the Flight of [...]

Evictions, Classy parties and a hunting estate to rival Balmoral

Glenveagh Castle, Glenveagh National Park. County Donegal     1867 Glenveagh Castle was built in 1867 by John George Adair, a wealthy land speculator from Co. Laois. His dream was to create a beautiful hunting estate [...]

A Napoleonic Gun Battery at the scene of the Flight of the Earls

Rathmullan Gun Battery built in 1810 is located in Rathmullan. co.Donegal. It was built in 1810 during the Napoleonic Wars to help defend Ireland against a possible French Invasion. This beautiful seaside village located on [...]

An Irish or Norman castle? Wolfe Tone, The Armada and the O’Doherty Clan

O’Doherty’s Keep, Buncrana. County Donegal         c. 1300 This interesting little building is locally known as O' Doherty's Keep. Its date of construction is unknown. It resembles a fortified tower house from the 15th century but [...]

A 1500 year dry stone walled fort built in a hidden lake

Doon Fort, Doon Lough, Portnoo. County Donegal   c. 5th century a. d.    Doon Fort is an ancient ring fort hidden away on Doon Lough near the coastal village of Portnoo in co. Donegal. It dates [...]

One of Ireland’s most beautiful and oldest portal tombs

Kilclooney Dolmen, Kilclooney. County Donegal   c. 3500 - 3000 b. c. The beautiful Kilclooney Dolmen is regarded as one of the finest examples of a portal tomb in the country. It’s impressive capstone measures 13 [...]

Elaborate standing stone with cup marks, swirls and zig zags

The Ardmore Gallen Stone, Muff. County Donegal     c. 1500 – 500 b. c. The Ardmore Gallen Stone stands in a field near the village of Muff in county Donegal. More than 10,000 standing stones have [...]

Possibly the oldest structure in Inishowen with a mysterious name

The Morton God Dolmen, Muff. County Donegal       c. 3500 b. c - 2500 b. c. The Morton God Dolmen is the largest portal tomb in Inishowen and possibly its oldest structure. Its name remains a [...]

One of the finest and strongest Gaelic castles in Ireland

Donegal Castle, Donegal Town. County Donegal 1474 Donegal Castle was built by Hugh Roe O'Donnell and is regarded as one of the finest and strongest Gaelic castles in Ireland. It consists of a 15th-century rectangular [...]

Exquisite early slab cross with Greek inscriptions located in an ancient monastery

St Mura's Cross, Fahan. County Donegal      c. 7th or 8th century a. d. St Mura’s Cross is located in an ancient monastic site in Fahan, county Donegal. This rare 'slab' type cross is generally believed [...]

The earliest and most important of the ‘Big Houses’ of Inishowen

Buncrana Castle, Buncrana. County Donegal           1718 During the 18th century large manor houses like this one were known as 'castles'. This house was built by Colonel George Vaughan in 1718 and is the earliest and [...]

Significant bird colonies, an O’Doherty castle and 360′ spectacular views

Inch Island, Lough Swilly. County Donegal The beautiful Inch Island is located in Lough Swilly in county Donegal. This is not a ‘true’ island anymore because in 1855, The Lough Swilly Railway Company drained marshland [...]

Once voted second most beautiful beach in the World by the Observer

Ballymastocker Bay, Fanad Peninsula. County Donegal Ballymastocker Bay is also known as Portsalon Beach. This is a truly spectacular Blue Flag beach located on the Fanad Peninsula in north county Donegal. It was once voted [...]

Ireland’s most northerly point, oldest rocks and most shipwrecks & Europe’s highest sand dunes

Banba's Crown is located in Malin Head in co.Donegal and is Ireland's most northerly building on the mainland. It was named 'Banba' after the mythological patron goddess of Ireland. It was built by the British [...]

Europe’s highest sea cliffs

The Slieve League Cliffs are located in Glencolumcille in co.Donegal. They are among the highest sea cliffs in Europe rising 1972 feet above the Atlantic Ocean ( making them nearly 3 times higher than the famous [...]

Regarded as a masterpiece of design and awarded ‘Building of the Century’

St. Aengus’s Church, Burt. County Donegal      1967 This stunning and timeless building is St.Aengus' Church located in Burt, co. Donegal. It was built in 1967 and was designed by local award winning architects Frank Corr [...]

The Mac Sweeneys, The O’Dohertys & The O’Neills – and O yes.. Brian McFadden!

Doe Castle is located near Cresslough on the shore of Sheephaven Bay in co.Donegal. It is surrounded by water on three sides and is similar in style to a Scottish tower house. It was built [...]

The Cooley Cross, The Skull House & The remains of a saint

The Cooley Cross, Moville. County Donegal        c. 8th or 9th century a. d. The Cooley Cross is located just outside the perimeter walls of a beautiful old graveyard that overlooks Lough Foyle. This is an [...]

2 of Ireland’s earliest High Crosses & St Patrick’s sister

This is one of two High Crosses located in the ancient monastic site of Carrowmore. This site is just a few miles outside the village of Gleneely on the Inishowen Peninsula. This monastery was founded [...]

One of the earliest and most important High Crosses in Ireland

The Carndonagh Cross is located in Carndonagh, co.Donegal. This National Monument is one of the earliest and most important High Crosses in Ireland. High Crosses developed from slab crosses which as the name suggests were [...]

An early stone circle in a beautiful location in north Donegal

The Bocan Stone Circle, Culdaff. County Donegal   2500 b. c.  – 1500 b. c. The Bocan Stone Circle is a located about a mile outside the village of Culdaff on the Inishowen Peninsula. Stone circles [...]

The second longest & most northerly stone bridge in Ireland

Malin Bridge is located in Malin Town in county Donegal. This beautiful 10 arched bridge was built in 1758 over the Ballyboe river and is said to be the second longest and most northerly bridge [...]

A perfect hideaway to plan revolts, The O’Dohertys & Ancient rock art

Carrickabraghy Castle, Doagh Island. County Donegal       c. 1550 Carrickabraghy Castle is located in one of the wildest and most northerly locations in Ireland. This was just one in a network of castles built to defend [...]

Ireland’s most northerly shop, brick-a brack & famous visitors

The Curiosity Shop, Malin Head. County Donegal  The Curiosity Shop is located near Banba’s Crown on Malin Head and is Ireland’s most northerly shop. It is covered wall-to-wall in every type of bric-a brac including [...]

Once one of Ireland’s most impressive Norman castles

Northburg Castle, Greencastle. County Donegal     1305 Northburg Castle is locally known as 'Greencastle' and was one of the most impressive Norman castles built in Ireland. It was built by Richard de Burgh: The Red Earl [...]

The Druids, St Patrick & The Temple of Deen

The Temple of Deen, Culdaff. County Donegal       c. 2500 – 1500 b. c. These granite rocks are the remains of a burial chamber known locally as the Temple of Deen. It is located near the [...]

A stunning Celtic cross, An important seat of learning and the GAA hurley emblem

Cloncha Cross, Culdaff. County Donegal         c. 10th Century a. d. This national monument is the Cloncha Cross. It dates from the 10th century a. d. and stands over 12 feet high. Its beautiful carvings are [...]

Original old Irish cottage dating from approx 1800

Old Cottage, Culdaff. County Donegal      1800 This is a beautiful example of an unaltered traditional Irish cottage. The earliest cottages date from c.1700 as prior to that, our ancestors lived in round hut style dwellings [...]

A cottage with a big light & sensational views

Dunree Lighthouse, Dunree Head. County Donegal          1876 Dunree Lighthouse is located nearly 150 feet above sea level on Dunree Head. It has spectacular views over Lough Swilly across to the Fanad Pennisula and out to [...]

Thankfully saved after being condemned to the scrap heap

Buncrana Lighthouse, Buncrana. County Donegal          1876 This little lighthouse stood at this location for 133 years between 1876 until 2009 after which it was condemned to the scrap yard. The diligent Buncrana Historical Society however [...]

Rebellion, The O’Doherty’s & The Flight of the Earls

Burt Castle, Burt. County Donegal           1560 Burt Castle is one of the most recognizable castles in Donegal being located on a small hill overlooking Lough Swilly which would have originally been a small island surrounded [...]

Once the home to Agnes Jones – the great nursing pioneer

Fahan House, Fahan. County Donegal 1765 Fahan House is a beautiful ivy clad Georgian house located in Fahan, county Donegal. Fahan means 'little green field' in Irish and has the ruins of an important 6th-century [...]

The Squealin’ Pig Pub, Muff. county Donegal

The best name and address for any pub in the entire universe...Keep her country!!

A cross with sundial, St Patrick’s foot & A romantic hole stone

The Cooley Cross is located on the outskirts of  Moville in county Donegal. This was the location of a 6th century monastery founded by St.Finian. The cross dates to the 8th or 9th centuries a.d [...]

A lighthouse on the passage to America & Australia

Strove Lighthouse, Strove. County Donegal          1837 Strove Lighthouse is located on a beautiful blue flag beach where Lough Foyle meets the wild Atlantic in north county Donegal. This shipping lane has been used for hundreds [...]

A modern masterpiece of design based on St Peter’s fishing boat

The Church of All Saints, Newtowncunningham, County Donegal       1999 This beautifully designed Catholic Church was built in 1999 at a cost of €1.2 million. The design is based on St. Peter's fishing boat (or barque) [...]

St Mura, the O’Neills & the HMS Laurentic

St Mura's Parish Church is located in the beautiful village of Fahan in co.Donegal. It dates from 1820 and takes it's name from a local saint, Mura, who was a relative of St.Columba. Mura is [...]

The seat of the O’Neills, Grainan of Aileach & Inishowen

Grainan of Aileach, Burt. County Donegal      fort - c. 700 a. d.   site - c. 1700 b. c. Grainan of Aileach sits on a hilltop 800 feet above sea level and the original construction for [...]

One of the largest, earliest and most beautiful stone circles in Ireland

The Beltany Stone Circle, Raphoe. County Donegal      c. 1400 b. c. – 400 a. d. The Beltany Stone Circle is one of the largest and earliest stone circles in Ireland with a diameter of 145 [...]

One of the most strategically important forts in Ireland, Wolfe Tone & Lough Swilly

Dunree Fort, Dunree. County Donegal         1798 Dunree Fort is strategically situated near the mouth of Lough Swilly in an area of stunning natural beauty. It has been attacked many times over the years by nearly [...]

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