Celtic Crosses 700>1100

Celtic Crosses 700 – 1100 ad

Castledermot, co.Kildare. c.10th Round Tower, c.9th Crosses and c.12th Friary

The small town of Castledermot in south Kildare takes it's name from 'Diseart Diarmad' meaning 'Dermot's Hermitage'. It must have been a very important ecclesiastical centre as there are many fine ruins including the remains [...]

St Bridget’s High Cross, Kildare Town. co.Kildare c.9th-12th (Cill Dara-Church of the Oak)

St Brigid's High Cross stands 9 feet tall in the grounds of St Bridget's Cathedral in Kildare Town. The cross is difficult to date because many of it's granite features have worn away and the [...]

Skellig Michael, Kerry. 6th-12th centuries (Sceilig Mhichíl- ‘Michael’s Rock in the Sea’)

This incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site is the early Christian monastery of Skellig Michael. It is located 13 km off the Kerry coastline at an altitude of 600 feet and is one of the most dramatic [...]

Dromodonnell Stone Cross, Castlewellan. co Down – replica of 10th century cross

This is a granite replica of an original stone cross that is believed to have stood in the Drumgooland graveyard until the late 1700s. It was then set into the north gable wall of the [...]

Athcarne Cross, Balrath. co. Meath c.1675

The Athcarne Cross is located close to the historic village of Duleek, County Meath, Ireland. This national monument was erected circa 1675 as a memorial to Sir Luke Bathe and his wife, Dame Cecilia Dowdall, [...]

Rathmichael Cross, Rathmichael. co. Dublin – 12th century

The Rathmichael Cross is one of 4 distinct looking crosses known as the Fassaroe Crosses. They are generally wheel shaped with a depiction of the crucifixion scene and are often mistaken for each other. They [...]

St Mura’s Cross, Fahan. co.Donegal 7th century a.d

St Mura's Cross is located in the ancient monastery of Fahan. These rare 'slab' type crosses are generally believed to be the precursor to the typical Celtic Irish High Crosses that people associate with Ireland. [...]

Kilnasaggart Pillar Stone, Jonesborough. co. Armagh c.700 a.d

The Kilnasaggart Pillar Stone is one of the earliest datable stone monuments in Ireland. It stands 2 metres tall in a field near the village of Jonesborough in co. Armagh. The ogham script on the [...]

The Rock of Cashel, Cashel. co.Tipperary 11th-14th centuries (Caiseal / Rock of the Kings)

The Rock of Cashel is one of the most striking monuments in Ireland and has some of the finest collections of Celtic art and medieval architecture in Europe. The site includes St Cormac's beautiful Romanesque [...]

The Market Cross, Kells. co.Meath – early 10th century

This is the famous 9th century 'Market Cross' of Kells that now stands outside Kells Courthouse. It was originally called the “Cross of the Gate” as it was located at the eastern side of the [...]

Moone High Cross, Moone. co.Kildare-10th century a.d

The beautiful Moone High Cross is a masterpiece among granite crosses and is the 2nd largest in Ireland. Only 200 High crosses survive in Ireland with the majority being fragmentary like the holed cross also [...]

Carrowmore West Cross, Gleneely. co.Donegal. c.7th – 9th century a.d

The 2 crosses at Carrowmore are national monuments and are the most primitive looking of the 6 Inishowen High Crosses and almost resemble standing stones (which are dated much earlier). The site was called 'Both [...]

Carrowmore Cross East, Gleneely. co.Donegal – c.10th century a.d

6 High Crosses can be found on Inishowen. The 2 crosses located in Carrowmore are national monuments and are so primitive looking that they almost resemble standing stones.  The site was called 'Both Chonais Monastery' [...]

Carndonagh Cross, Carndonagh. co.Donegal – c.7th century a.d

This National Monument is one of the earliest and most important High Crosses in Ireland. High Crosses developed from slab crosses which as the name suggests were big slabs of granite with crosses carved onto [...]

Cloncha Cross, Culdaff. co.Donegal – c.10th century a.d

This tall slender Celtic Cross is a national monument and stands over 12 feet high in one of the most important early Christian sites in Inishowen. This monastic site was reputedly founded by St Morialagh [...]

The Tall Cross, Monasterboice. co.Louth – c.9th a.d (Mainistir Bhuithe-‘The Monastery of Buithe’)

This beautifully carved cross is located in the grounds of Monasterboice in county Louth. It is the tallest cross Ireland standing high at 21 feet and is dated to the 9th century. High Crosses are [...]

St Doulagh’s Cross, Balgriffin. co.Dublin – 12th century a.d

This small stone cross is located at the entrance to St Dowlagh's Church in Balgriffin, co. Dublin. It must have been transferred from somewhere else or may have been given as a gift as it [...]

The Cooley Cross, Moville. co.Donegal. c.8th or 9th century a.d

This interesting cross is located just the grounds of an ancient monastery founded by St.Finian around 500 a.d. on a hill overlooking Lough Foyle. This plain cross is 10 feet high and has an odd [...]

Kilgobbin Cross, Stepaside. co.Dublin – 10th century a.d

This national monument is Kilgobbin Cross located in Stepaside village. It was found in 1800 when a wall for the nearby graveyard was being built. It stands over 8 feet tall and can be estimated [...]

Muiredach’s High Cross, Monasterboice. co.Louth – c.9-10th a.d

This national monument is the wonderful Muiredach's High Cross. It is regarded as the most beautiful Celtic cross in the World and Ireland's greatest contribution to European sculpture. It stands 18 feet tall and is [...]

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