Churches & Cathedrals 1100 – present

St Mura’s Parish Church, Fahan. co.Donegal – 1820

This church is located in the beautiful village of Fahan and dates from 1820. It takes it's name from a local saint, Mura, who was a relative of St.Columba. Mura is regarded as the patron [...]

The Church of our Lady & Guardian Angels, Sallins. co.Kildare – 1924

This very unusual church is a pre-fabricated structure consisting of a metal exterior and a beautiful wooden interior. The church was consecrated in 1973 however the structure dates from 1924. It was purchased and brought [...]

St Maelruan’s Church, Tallaght. co.Dublin c.15th a.d. (Tamh Leacht -‘plague pit’)

St Maelruan's Church located in the most historic part of Tallaght was designed by the famous Dublin architect, John Semple. Christian worship has continued on this site for over 1200 years since St Maelruan founded [...]

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