Lighthouses and other navigational aids have been recorded as far back as the 5th century, when the monks of Rinn Dubháin in Co. Wexford (now known as Hook Head) lit a beacon to warn shipping away from dangerous rocks. In 1207, William Marshal ordered the building of a lighthouse here to guide boats up the river to his thriving town of New Ross. He enrolled the monks as the first lighthouse keepers and they remained as custodians for several centuries. Hook Lighthouse is one of the oldest working lighthouses in the world. Most lighthouses you see have been built within the last 200 years. The Commissioners of Irish Lights operate over 70 of them and although no longer manned, still play a vital role in maritime safety.

This stunning lighthouse has a dark side

The Old Head of Kinsale Lighthouse was built in 1853 and is located in one of Ireland’s most spectacular coastal areas. This large promontory juts out into the Atlantic Ocean rising hundreds of feet above the [...]

The last lighthouse in Ireland to go automatic, Shipwrecks & The battle of Clontarf

The Baily Lighthouse as built in 1814 on a rocky promontory on Howth over looking Dublin Bay. It was at this location that the Norse Vikings fled to regroup after the Battle of Clontarf in 1014 [...]

A Martello Lighthouse ,The Asgard and the 4th President of Ireland

Howth Harbour Lighthouse, built in 1817, is located at the end of Howth Harbour. The building, was also used for defensive purposes as the strong circular wall defends a gun position. The lighthouse keeper’s residence [...]

The oldest operational lighthouse in the World

This national monument is Hook Head Lighthouse. It is located on Hook Head in co.Wexford and is recognised as the oldest operational lighthouse in the World. Tradition states that Dubhán, a missionary monk, may have [...]

The World’s first lighthouse to use candlepower and once the longest sea wall

The Poolbeg Lighthouse is located at the end of the Great South Wall in Dublin. The original lighthouse here was built in 1768 however it was redesigned into its present form in 1820. It was [...]

A cottage with a big light & sensational views

Dunree Lighthouse, Dunree Head. County Donegal          1876 Dunree Lighthouse is located nearly 150 feet above sea level on Dunree Head. It has spectacular views over Lough Swilly across to the Fanad Pennisula and out to [...]

Thankfully saved after being condemned to the scrap heap

Buncrana Lighthouse, Buncrana. County Donegal          1876 This little lighthouse stood at this location for 133 years between 1876 until 2009 after which it was condemned to the scrap yard. The diligent Buncrana Historical Society however [...]

A lighthouse on the passage to America & Australia

Strove Lighthouse, Strove. County Donegal          1837 Strove Lighthouse is located on a beautiful blue flag beach where Lough Foyle meets the wild Atlantic in north county Donegal. This shipping lane has been used for hundreds [...]

Why are there 4 lighthouses at the most easterly point of Ireland?

Wicklow Head Lighthouse, Wicklow Head. County Wicklow         1781 Wicklow Head Lighthouse was built in 1781 and was originally part of a pair. Their architect, John Trail had previously designed the Grand Canal in Dublin and [...]

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