Monuments & Curiosities

Monuments & Curiosities

Browne-Clayton Monument, Carrigadaggan Hill. co.Wexford – 1841

The Browne-Clayton Monument is the only internally accessible Corinthian column in the World and thus is a unique architectural landmark. It was built between 1839 - 41 and stands over 94 ft high on Carrigadaggan [...]

Birthplace of Patrick Kennedy, Dunganstown. co.Wexford – built c.1790

This small cottage in Dunganstown, co. Wexford is the birthplace of JFK's great grandfather Patrick Kennedy (c. 1823 – 1858). By the time Patrick reached adulthood, both his parents were dead and the family homestead was [...]

Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland, Clonskeagh. Dublin City – 1996

This is The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland (ICCI) is located in Clonskea, South Dublin next to University College Dublin. It was designed by the Irish architect firm, Michael Collins & Associates. The layout is [...]

The Great Windmill, Skerries. co.Dublin – 1750

This windmill, known as 'The Great Windmill of Skerries' was built about 1750. It stands 15 metres in height and has a 20 metre diametre of sail. It commands magnificent views of the coastline and [...]

The Small Windmill, Skerries. co.Dublin – 1525

This windmill was built around 1525 on a circular plan and is capped with thatched conical roof. It had four canvas sails that were turned into the wind from inside by a hand lever. The [...]

Albert Memorial Clock, Queen’s Square. Belfast City – 1869

The Albert Memorial Clock is located at Queen's Square in Belfast and is one of Belfast's best known landmarks. In 1865 a competition for the design of a memorial to Queen Victoria's late Prince Consort, [...]

Samson & Goliath Cranes, Queen’s Island. Belfast City – 1969 & 1974

These are the famous landmark gantry cranes that dominate the Belfast skyline. Samson and Goliath are named after Biblical figures and are located on Queen's Island in the Harland & Wolff shipyard. They were constructed by [...]

Scrabo Tower, Newtownards. co.Down – 1857 (Scrabo-‘cow pasture’)

Scrabo Tower majestically stands 125 feet high on a hill 540 feet above sea level and is one of Northern Ireland's most famous landmarks. This site was originally the location of a great megalithic cairn, [...]

Conolly’s Folly, Celbridge. co.Kildare – 1741

This strange looking structure is called 'Conolly's Folly' and stands 140 feet high. It is composed of several arches and is adorned by stone pineapples and eagles and is topped by a massive obelisk pillar. [...]

Irish Cottage, Kinvarra. co.Galway – c.1800

Just had to include this lovely traditional thatched cottage located near Kinvarra, co. Galway.  17 people used to live in this house and they were the lucky ones! See Dunguaire Castle in the background. [...]

Enniskerry Clock Tower, Enniskerry. co.Wicklow – 1843

Enniskerry Village (Ath na Sceire ‘Ford of the Stones’) was built as part of Powerscourt Estate to house its tenants who worked the land in the area. The village was designed and laid out by [...]

A pre-fabricated church, Odlums & Wolfe Tone

This very unusual church is a pre-fabricated structure consisting of a metal exterior and a beautiful wooden interior. The church was consecrated in 1973 however the structure dates from 1924. It was purchased and brought [...]

The highest pub in Ireland

The Ponderosa Pub is located on the Glenshane Pass in co.Derry. It was established around c.1900 but started its life as a little farmhouse on the Derry to Belfast road. This is the highest pub in [...]

An expression of free thinking & an architectual gem

Bendhu House is located in Ballintoy in co.Antrim. This eccentric and intriguing house is located in one of the most scenic areas of Northern Ireland. It was the creation of Newton Penprase who named it [...]

A church and a castle, John Semple & The wild Irish

St Maelruan's Church located in the most historic part of Tallaght was designed by the famous Dublin architect, John Semple. Christian worship has continued on this site for over 1200 years since St Maelruan founded [...]

The Wellington Testimonial, Phoenix Park. Dublin City 1817-1861

The Wellington Testimonial, standing over 200 feet tall is Europe's largest obelisk. It was built between 1817 and 1861 as a commemoration to the victories of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. It has 4 [...]

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