Round Towers 900 – 1100 ad

Round Towers 900 – 1100 ad

Castledermot, co.Kildare. c.10th Round Tower, c.9th Crosses and c.12th Friary

The small town of Castledermot in south Kildare takes it's name from 'Diseart Diarmad' meaning 'Dermot's Hermitage'. It must have been a very important ecclesiastical centre as there are many fine ruins including the remains [...]

St Bridget’s High Cross, Kildare Town. co.Kildare c.9th-12th (Cill Dara-Church of the Oak)

St Brigid's High Cross stands 9 feet tall in the grounds of St Bridget's Cathedral in Kildare Town. The cross is difficult to date because many of it's granite features have worn away and the [...]

Taghadoe Round Tower, Taghadoe. co.Kildare c.10th Century

Taghadoe derives its name from 'Teach Tua', meaning House of Tua. St Tua, also known as Ultan the Silent, was the abbot of Clonmacnoise who founded the monastery here. Little is known of it except [...]

The Round Tower of St Mary’s Abbey, Ferns. co. Wexford c.12th century

This is the 60 foot Round Tower of St Mary's Abbey in Ferns. The first church at this location was founded in the 7th century by St Aidan and later became vulnerable to Viking attacks in [...]

Swords Round Tower & Belfrey, Swords. co. Dublin – c.10th-14th a.d. (Sord-‘clear or pure’)

The 10th century Swords Round Tower is 26 m high and is instantly recognizable from it's crumbling windows and collapsed cap. The tower also possesses a stone cross at it's apex, something that is shared [...]

Portrane Round Tower, Portrane. co. Dublin 1844

Many of the Round Towers in the Fingal region can date back to the Viking era with the likes of Lusk and St Columba’s tower in Swords which are regarded as two of the finest [...]

The Rock of Cashel, Cashel. co.Tipperary 11th-14th centuries (Caiseal / Rock of the Kings)

The Rock of Cashel is one of the most striking monuments in Ireland and has some of the finest collections of Celtic art and medieval architecture in Europe. The site includes St Cormac's beautiful Romanesque [...]

Clonmacnoise, Shannonbridge. co.Offaly – founded 546 a.d

The monastery of Clonmacnoise was founded by St Ciarán in 546 a.d. and is one of Ireland's most important ecclesiastical centres. This strategic location on the Shannon was where the main east-west road across the [...]

St Canice’s Cathedral & Roundtower, Kilkenny City – c.9th & 13th centuries

St Canice's Cathedral & Roundtower was built between 1202 and 1285 and is the second longest cathedral in Ireland after St Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin. The Round Tower is approx. 100 feet tall and is [...]

Meelick Round Tower, Swinford. co. Mayo – c.10th century

Meelick Round Tower is a well preserved tower located on a hill near Swinford in co. Mayo. It was built between 923 and 1013 a.d on a monastic site attributed to St. Broccaidh. Meelick was [...]

Turlough Round Tower, Turlough. co. Mayo – c.9th century

This well-preserved round tower stands on a hillside overlooking the gardens for the National Museum of Country Life. The Round Tower dates to the c.9th century and is odd looking as it has a lower [...]

The Round Tower, Monasterboice. co.Louth – c.10th a.d (Mainistir Bhuithe-‘The Monastery of Buithe’)

This national monument is Monasterboice Round Tower. The name is derived from St Bhuithe who founded Monasterboice in the early 500's. The 92ft tower is missing it's conical roof and pokes up above the surrounding [...]

Clondalkin Round Tower, Clondalkin Village. co.Dublin – c.9th century a.d

This beautiful round tower is built on the site of a monastery founded by St Mochua in the 7th century. It is one of only four remaining in County Dublin, the others are located in [...]

St Macculin’s Church, Lusk. co.Dublin – c.9th Round Tower c.15th Keep. c.19th Church

This interesting building is comprised of a 9th century round tower, a 15th century defensive tower and a 19th century church. The village of Lusk derives its name from an Irish word 'lusca' which means [...]

The Round Tower, Glendalough. co.Wicklow – c.10th century a.d (Gleann dá Loch-‘Valley of Two Lakes’)

The Round Tower at Glendalough stands 100 feet high and is one of Ireland's most iconic buildings. Round towers were mainly built between the 9th and 12th centuries and only 3 exist beyond our borders [...]

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