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The Beaker People c.2500 b.c > 1700 b.c ?

The Beaker culture is the name of a cultural phenomenon which occurred in large parts of Western Europe during the late Neolithic and early Bronze Age period. The term was coined by John Abercromby, based [...]

The Fomorians c.600 b.c ?

In Irish mythology, the Fomoire or Fomorians were a semi-divine race and were believed to have been one of the first tribes to inhabit Ireland in ancient times. They are believed to be the people [...]

The Fir Bolg c.55 b.c

In ancient times, the Fir Bolg were the rulers of Ireland before the arrival of the Tuatha Dé Danann. The origin of the Fir Bolg name is as usual the subject of some dispute [...]

The Cistercians – arrived 1140

In 1098 St Robert, founded the first Cistercian Abbey in Citeaux, France. Upon a visit, Malachy, the archbishop of Armagh, was so impressed by the Cistercian order that he believed such discipline would help to [...]

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