This interesting cross is located just the grounds of an ancient monastery founded by St.Finian around 500 a.d. on a hill overlooking Lough Foyle. This plain cross is 10 feet high and has an odd looking hole through the top. This hole is thought to have contained a peg serving as a ‘gnomon’ for a rudimentary sundial and the vertical shadow indicated the hour of noon. There is a cross with a similar hole on the greater Aran Island where the vertical shadow line is marked. The base of Cooley cross is also peculiar as it is a large flat stone containing a crude representation of a human foot, traditionally ascribed to St. Patrick. There is also a perforation, about four inches in diameter, near one end and this may have also been used as a hole-stone (it is now used to support for the cross). Hole-stones date back to pagan times and are thought to be used when couples joined their hands through them when making vows. Ahhh.

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