Dalkey Castle and Heritage Centre, Dalkey. co.Dublin – c.15th century

dalkeyThis castle is located in south Dublin in the beautiful heritage town of Dalkey. It’s name derives from the Irish ‘Deilg-inis’ or the Norse ‘Deilg-ei’ meaning ‘thorny island’ refering to the shape of Dalkey Island. The main deep water port for the town and even for Dublin was Colliemore Harbour which is located just below the town. Dalkey was once noted for it’s 7 castles of which only ‘Archibald’s Castle’ and this one formerly called ‘Goat Castle ‘remain. These fortified houses were built to store valuable merchandise such as wine and also provide protection from the ‘Wild Irish’ when this area was right on the borders of ‘The Pale’. The castle was owned by the Cheevers family in the 16th century who were Norman in origin. The word ‘chevre’ means goat and this animal was a feature on their coat of arms. Other castles in Dalkey such as ‘Wolverton Castle’ and ‘Dungan’s Castle’ were probably demolished to provide handy building materials for fine houses.


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