Drimnagh Castle in Drimnagh. co. Dublin was built in 1240. It is one of the few moated castles in Ireland. The original castle here was built around 1240 by a Norman Knight called Hugo de Berneval whose family name was later Anglicised to Barnewall. De Berneval was part of Strongbow’s first invasion of Ireland and was given these lands for services rendered to the King. This was an excellent location on high ground which helped defend the land from the ‘wild Irish’ and the O’Tooles from the Wicklow mountains. The Barnwall’s actively participated in the affairs of Ireland for the next 400 years and acquired much of the surrounding lands from Drimagh to Balbriggan. The castle was later leased to Sir Adam Loftus, Knight of Rathfarnham in 1607 and over the following 300 years it changed hands again and again right up until 1904 when it was bought by Joseph Hatch. Mr Hatch carried out many refurbishments to the castle right up until 1954 when it was left to the Christian Brothers who used the castle up to the late 1980s. The castle then fell into disuse until local residents set up a committee in the late 1980s to repair the castle. Over ten years FAS participants and local trades people have lovingly restored the castle to its present condition.