Dromoland Castle is one of the most beautiful and desirable 5* hotels in Ireland. It is believed that this location was the ancestral home of the O’Briens who are the direct descendants of Brian Boru (who as High King of Ireland died in the Battle of Clontarf in 1014) and are also one of the few Gaelic Irish families of true Royal blood. The original building on this site was a 15th century tower house built by Thomas McInerney, a member of another leading Irish family. It later became the residence of Murrough O’Brien who in 1543 was granted the title of first Earl of Thomond by Henry VIII. It later passed through another 7 generations of the O’Brien family as well as other leading local Gaelic families who battled and fought for it’s rights. In the early 1700’s the tower house had transformed into what was probably an early neoclassical manor house as it had been described as a ‘handsome Grecian building’. The ‘present’ Victorian building was built in the much favoured ‘Gothic Revival/Baronial style’ with it’s irregular castellated turrets between 1822 and 1835 at a cost of £50,000. It’s designed was influenced by the architect John Nash. Dromoland Castle is now a top-grade luxurious hotel and it’s famous guests have included George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Juan Carlos I of Spain, Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Ali, Richard Branson, Jack Nicholson, Johnny Cash, Michael Flatley, John Travolta and of course our own Bono. According to the historian James Frost, Dromoland translates as the ‘Hill of Litigation’! I wonder what that was all about ?

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