Ducketts Grove is located in Rainstown. co. Carlow. This great house was built between 1818-1850 and was once home to the Duckett family. The Duckett’s were Carlow’s largest landowners for 300 years with an estate covering more than 12,000 acres. The original Georgian house on this site was redesigned by the famous architect Thomas Codden in a castellated Gothic revival style for John Davidson Duckett with fantasy towers, turrets and ornamented oriels and niches. At its height the house had 11 staff to just to maintain the grounds alone. In 1908 the property passed to a land agent after an internal family feud and after it later was used by local farmers for storage and reputedly by the a local branch of the IRA for organizing it’s flying columns. In 1933 the house was unfortunately destroyed by fire. Carlow County Council acquired Duckett’s Grove in 2005 and have since restored the historical gardens which have examples of plants from all over the World for use as a public park. On 17 March 2011, Duckett’s Grove was featured in an episode of SyFy’s show ‘Destination Truth’ during a 4 hour live investigation special to find out if the ruins are haunted by a banshee ghost ! Scary….