Dunseverick Castle, Dunseverick. County Antrim         c. 1500

This location was a ‘key’ site in ancient Ireland as this was the end point where one of the Royal roads from Tara ended. There is also a holy well nearby which was reputedly used by St. Patrick in the 5th century. He baptized a local man called Olcán who later became the Bishop of Ireland. This was also the seat of ‘Fergus the Great’ the 6th century. Fergus took the ‘Lia Fail’ – Ireland’s most famous coronation stone, from here on a boat to Scotland to be crowned King of Dalriada. It was recorded that this site was raided by Vikings on a number of occasions in the 870’s. In 1000 the O’ Cahan clan captured this location and held it for over 300 years. It later passed through the MacDonnell clan and the Mc Quillans clan until it was eventually destroyed by General Robert Munro in 1642 and again by Cromwellian troops in the 1650s. A small residential tower survived until 1978 when it eventually fell into the sea below. Today only the ruins of the gate lodge remain.