Enniskerry Village (Ath na Sceire ‘Ford of the Stones’) was built as part of Powerscourt Estate to house its tenants who worked the land in the area. The village was designed and laid out by the architect Frederick Darragh. The Clock Tower,  located at the centre of the village, was built at the expense of the 6th Viscount Powerscourt, to commemorate the centenary of the creation of first Viscount in 1743. The monument was so then presented to the village on St. Patrick’s Day 1843. There was a huge tree at the bottom of the Town Clock steps until the 1920s as can be seen in old photos of the square. It is classified as a ‘free standing renaissance style 3 stage granite clocktower’. It was possibly designed by John Louch with the cupola being added in 1860 by Sir George Moyers. An interesting feature of the monument is that its base is shaped like a shamrock!