Fahan House, Fahan. County Donegal 1765

Fahan House is a beautiful ivy clad Georgian house located in Fahan, county Donegal. Fahan means ‘little green field’ in Irish and has the ruins of an important 6th-century monastery which features a 7th-century cross-slab of St. Mura – a relation of St Colmcille. The monastery was used by the O’Neill dynasty who ruled most of Ireland from the nearby Grainan of Aileach. It was recorded that the village was sacked by Vikings in the 10th century. The most famous resident to occupy Fahan House was Agnes Jones (1832 – 64), the nursing pioneer who spent her early life living here. She trained alongside Florence Nightingale and helped transform the terrible conditions that existed in the Liverpool workhouses during the 1850’s and 60’s. She is buried in the graveyard nearby. Please note.. Fahan House is now on private property.