This site is reputed to be to be the place where the Fir Bolg King ‘Sláine’ is buried and the location where St. Patrick lit the 1st paschal fire in 433 in defiance of King Laoire. Lighting a fire anywhere in Ireland was forbidden while the king’s festival fire was burning on The Hill of Tara. The King was so impressed by Patrick’s courage that he that let him continue his missionary work in Ireland. Patrick went on to appointed ‘Erc’ (who was the King’s servant) as his 1st bishop and who went on to established a monastery on this site. This monastery continued even after successive Viking raids. In 1512 Sir Christopher Flemmyng founded a Fransican Order Friary here (which can be seen in the photo) and built a college beside it. In 1631, Capuchin monks settled in this Friary for about 20 years until Cromwell kicked them out. It remained a place of worship up until it was abandoned in 1723. There are also many ‘strange’ theories about it’s alignments with other ancient sites associated with St Patrick that run from Drogheda in co.Louth to Croagh Patrick in co. Mayo. Great views too!

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