Hore Abbey is located in a field on the west side of the Rock of Cashel and was originally founded by the Benedictine’s in 1266. In 1272, David McCarvill, the Archbishop of ‘The Rock’ expelled the Benedictine monks and set up a Cistercian order after he had a ‘paranoid’ dream that the monks were about to kill him. He endowed the Abbey generously with land, mills and other buildings previously belonging to the town, which caused local resentment. This was the last of 35 Cistercian monasteries founded in Ireland. Most of the abbey was built in the 13th century, however many changes were made to the buildings in the 15th century including the addition of the central tower. ‘Hore’ is thought to derive from the word ‘iubhair’ for yew tree. It was Dissolved in 1540 after the Reformation and the property transferred to James Butler, 9th Earl of Ormond and later to Sir Henry Radcliffe.

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