Inch Island is a beautiful small island in Lough Swilly that is now connected to the mainland. In 1855, The Lough Swilly Railway Company, drained marshland near Inch and created two man made embankments which attracted large numbers of migratory birds. These colonies are now of international importance and include Whooper Swans, Greenland White Fronted Geese and Greylag Geese. Inch Castle on the south side of the island was erected in 1454 by the O’Doherty Clan of Inishowen. During these times Inch was a ‘true island’ and the castle was part of a network of ‘O’Doherty Castles’ that defended their Inishowen territory. The castle was in ruins by 1600 and although badly damaged, is still worth a visit. Inch was once a very wealthy island as it possessed some of the finest land in Donegal. In the past, drainage techniques were not advanced and much of the farmland was waterlogged, but Inch, because of its geography was naturally drained.

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