kileenThe history of Killeen Castle dates back over eight hundred years to 1181, when Hugh de Lacy built castles for a strategic defense system for north Leinster. From 1403 until the 1950’s, the castle acted as the seat of the Plunkett family, Earls of Fingall for 550 years!  The Plunketts were Ireland’s premier Catholic Peers and amongst the oldest of the great Anglo-Irish families. In the early nineteenth century the 8th and 9th Earls engaged renowned architects, Francis Johnson and James Sheil to modernise the castle creating what you see today. The 12th and last Earl of Fingall sold the castle in 1951 and the estate was then run by its new owners as a stud farm. In 1981 the castle fell victim to fire, and lay dormant and in ruins until 1997 when Snowbury Ltd purchased it and its grounds with a vision to create the magnificent estate that exists today.

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