The Kilnasaggart Pillar Stone is one of the earliest datable stone monuments in Ireland. It stands 2 metres tall in a field near the village of Jonesborough in co. Armagh. The ogham script on the stone translates to ‘This place, Ternoc, son of Ciaran the little, bequeathed it under the protection of the apostle Peter’ and as Ternoc’s death was recorded to 716 a.d. then it can be assumed that the pillar stone was sculpted a few years earlier. There are at least 10 carved crosses on it’s front and back (some of which are within circles) and 31 incised cut marks that may have been caused from swords or knives being sharpened. Such pillar stones were usually earlier sites for pagan worship and sacrifice or were symbols to commemorate an ancient warrior or boundary. There is also an ancient graveyard on this site and many of the graves point towards this stone. It is said that…. there once was a famous cow in this glen that gave milk in abundance to everybody who came, always filling the bucket.  One person, however, attempted either through greed or malice, to milk her into a sieve which angered the cow so much that she stamped her foot on this stone and then fled the valley forever. The shape of her hoof remains beside this stone to this day. This entire area is called Slieve Gullion and is incredibly rich in historical monuments.

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