King John’s Castle is a national monument and can be found in the beautiful village of Carlingford. It was allegedly built for King John of England in 1200 however recent research suggests that it may have been built by the Norman, Hugh de Lacy.  It was built on a rocky outcrop overlooking the lough and was the first stone building in the village consisting of a D-shaped courtyard with 2 rectangular towers at the entrance. In 1465 it was decreed that ‘none but an Englishman should be Constable of the Castle’ and in it’s turbulent history it was taken over by Sir Henry Tichbourne in 1642 who surrendered to Lord Inchiquin in 1649 and re-taken by Charles Coote in 1650! It was fired upon by Jacobite forces in 1689 and was later used as a hospital.

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