Monea Castle was built in 1618 by Rev. Malcom Hamilton and is one of the best preserved Scottish styled plantation castles in Northern Ireland. It’s two massive semi-cylindrical towers sit on either side of the entrance and on the top of the towers are corbels and crow-stepped gables, giving the Scots appearance. Prior to the plantation this location had was the stronghold of the Maguire clan and the outline of a crannog is still visible (a fortified house built on the lake shore). Rev.Hamilton, who had been the Rector of Devenish went on to become the Archbishop of Cashel in 1623. During the Irish Rebellion of 1641, the castle was attacked by Rory Maguire killing 8 Protestants. In 1688 it was occupied by Gustav Hamilton, the Governor of Enniskillen, who died in 1691. His wife and children continued to live at Monea, but who ended up selling the estate in 1704. A few decades later the castle was gutted by fire and subsequently abandoned.

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