The Morton God Dolmen is the largest portal tomb in Inishowen and possibly the oldest structure. It is located half way up a mountain in a scenic location overlooking Lough Foyle and it’s name remains a mystery. Its capstone has slightly collapsed and has been reported to weigh at least 30 tonnes! There also appears to be the remains of a cairn of stones at its base. Dolmens were thought to have been used by Druids as tables for sacrifices, which may have been the case however these type of portal tombs were constructed around 5000 years ago, whereas Druids existed around 2000 years ago, so they were not constructed for this reason. These portal tombs predate our great passage tombs (such as Newgrange) but there purpose appears to be similar whereby cremated bones and grave goods of the important members of the clan were placed inside the tomb to send them off to the ‘other life’.

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