The Morton God Dolmen, Muff. County Donegal       c. 3500 b. c – 2500 b. c.

The Morton God Dolmen is the largest portal tomb in Inishowen and possibly its oldest structure. Its name remains a mystery but Morton means ‘townland near the moor or marsh’ or it possibly has Viking connections as Morton is the Swedish word for Martin and Viking settlements have been recorded near this location at Quigley’s Point and also in Derry. Dolmens were used by different peoples from different eras for different purposes. In the Iron Age Druid’s used them for religious purposes or possibly sacrifices even though they pre date them by thousands of years. Some of these portal tombs even predate our great passage tombs however their original purpose is believed to be similar whereby cremated bones and grave goods of the important members of the clan were placed inside a chamber to be transported off to the next World. Who’s to say they were wrong?