Northburg Castle is locally known as ‘Greencastle’ and was one of the most impressive Norman castles built in Ireland. It was built by Richard de Burgh in 1305 (The Red Earl of Ulster) on a promontory rock over looking Lough Foyle. Only the finest craftsmen and building techniques were used of the time and the walls in the polygonal tower were over 12 feet thick! Soon after it’s construction it was attacked and captured by Robert the Bruce of Scotland in 1316 (who soon after crowned himself ‘King of Ireland) however he soon lost it and De Burgh returned again. He remained here only until 1333 when his grandson, William, was murdered in revenge for slowly starving his distant cousin, Walter de Burgh to death! This was the point that really ended Norman power in the North West. The castle later fell into the hands of the powerful O’Doherty clan of Inishowen who again were attacked in 1555 by the O’Donnell’s using cannons. The castle was badly damaged in this attack and the present ruins show this.