Powerscourt House was built in 1741 and is one of Ireland’s finest mansions. It is situated in exquisite formal gardens under the watch of Sugar loaf Mountain. It was designed by the famous German architect Richard Cassels, for the 1st Viscount of Powerscourt. The south face, shown here, is designed in the formal classical temple style while the north face is in the Palladian style. This was originally the site of a 13th century castle owned by the ‘le Poer’ family who were Anglo-Norman and gave their name to the estate. Three sides of the original castle are still within the walls of this house. Powerful Irish families including the O’Tooles and the Fitz-Geralds have fought for it’s possession over the centuries. Queen Elizabeth I however granted it to Richard Wingfield in 1603 for his military achievements. His descendants remained and improved the house and entire estate for the next 350 years. In 1974, the house was almost totally gutted by a fire but has since been lovingly restored. It is now a visitor attraction and one of the country’s top design outlets.

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