Rathmichael is now an sleepy suburban area of South Dublin lying between the mountains and the sea. This area was however once a highly important area in both pre and early Christian times as it had many ancient churches, a roundtower and one of the largest ringforts in the country. It was also a significant area during medieval times as it was one of the few places in County Dublin to be allowed to hold an annual fair. This beautiful church was built in 1865. It was commissioned by the Domvilles who were a leading family of the time and was designed by Benjamin Woodward in the Hiberno-Romanesque style. The prominent roof, stonework walls and small round-headed windows were influenced by the many earlier ruined churches that scattered this area of South Dublin. The Domvilles not only provided themselves with private pews and high backed chairs but also had red velvet curtains to screen themselves off from the commoners.The fine cross that stands in the grounds commemorates Rathmichael’s most dedicated Rev.E.W Burton.

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