The Rathmichael Cross is one of 4 distinct looking crosses known as the Fassaroe Crosses. They are generally wheel shaped with a depiction of the crucifixion scene and are often mistaken for each other. They are also similar to crosses found in Cornwall which may also suggest that they were all carved by the same same stonemason. The other 3 in the Fassaroe group are the St Valery’s Fassaroe Cross in Bray from which the group gets it’s name, the Killegar Cross and the granite cross in Blackrock village. Rathmichael was once a highly important area in both pre and early Christian times and had many ancient churches, a round tower and one of the largest ring forts in the country. This remained an important area right up to the medieval times as it was one of the few places in county Dublin to be allowed to hold an annual fair. .

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