The Viking name for Waterford was ‘Vadrefjord’ which translates to mean ‘the inlet where the wethers or castrated sheep are loaded onto boats’! One thousand years ago this was Ireland’s second city after Dublin. Reginald’s Tower is Waterford’s most distinctive building and is classified as a national monument. This impregnable Norman tower was built in 1171 and replaced a Viking tower that was built 168 years earlier in 1003. It is the first building in Ireland to be constructed with mortar which was then made with the mixture of fur, blood, lime and sea mud. One year after the tower was constructed Strongbow married Eva (Diarmatt McMurrough’s daughter) thus becoming heir to the ‘Kingdom of Leinster’. It is the oldest civic building in Ireland and has been used over the years as a fortress, an arsenal, a prison, a mint and now houses Waterford’s Civic Museum.

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