Srahwee wedge tomb is regarded as one of the finest megalithic tombs in Ireland. It was constructed during the Bronze Age (approx 2000 b.c) and is located in wild and stunning scenery about 5 miles from Louisburg in co. Mayo. This is classified as a wedge tomb – so called because of its shape, wider and higher at the entrance and gradually tapering towards the rear. It is about 5m long by 2m wide and consists of a single chamber topped by one large slab about 2m square. It is locally known as ‘Altoir’ due to the fact that the flat roof stone was used as an altar during the penal times. It was formerly venerated as a holy well by the locals and also has a small primitive cross incised onto its south-eastern end. If you look 100 meters to the west you will also see stumps of one of the best preserved ancient forests in Ireland. These trees have been dated to 2500 b.c…  500 years before this tomb was built!

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