St. Augustine’s is locally known as the “Wee Church on the Walls” and is thought to be located on the original site of the first monastery founded by St Columba in 546AD. In 1164 this ancient church was surrounded by a circular cashel so a new site had to be chosen for a larger church which came to be known as ‘Temple Mor’ ( believed to be at the present site of the Long Tower church). The original little church came to be known as Dubh Regles (or The Black Church). By 1613, the church was used by the first settlers from England, Wales and Scotland and was known as ‘The Church of God in the Cittie of Derry’. During the Siege of Derry in 1688/89, a cannonball containing the terms for surrender fell in the church graveyard. The ‘present’ church was built in 1872 in a neo-Gothic style to the designs of JG Ferguson and has many famous graves in the graveyard. St Augustine’s is still a thriving, living church with a faithful congregation.

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