St Kevin’s Church is located in the stunning setting of Glendalough. Kevin (or Chaoimhin – the fair-begotten) was born in 498 into a noble family and after studying for the priesthood set out to find his calling, follow his dream and to find God in solitude and prayer. He chose to live by the shores of the upper lake as a hermit in an artificial cave about 30 feet above the water which was originally a Bronze Age tomb. This was St. Kevin’s Bed which can still be seen today from the north shore of the lake. This building is described as a nave and chancel church but is also known as ‘St Kevin’s Kitchen’ as the round tower projects upwards like a chimney. It’s roof is entirely made of stone and the small round tower, which was added at a later date, acted as a belfry. Glendalough went on to develop into one of Ireland’s chief international pilgrimage destinations and had a total of seven churches and a monastery.(R)

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