St Macculin’s Church is located in the village of Lusk in north county Dublin. This national monument is an interesting building comprising of a 9th century round tower, a 15th century defensive tower and a 19th century church. Lusk derives its name from an Irish word ‘lusca’ which means cave or underground chamber. The original monastery here was founded in the 6th century by St. Macculin and the round tower is all that remains of it. The 15th century fortified tower had 3 more round towers built on each corner to give the building extra strength and balance.┬áIt houses a number of medieval tombs including that of James Bermingham (1527) and a fine double effigy tomb of Sir Christopher Barnwall and his wife, Marion Sharl (1589). The church, which was built onto the tower in 1847 is now Lusk Heritage Centre. Lusk village is also known to be the birthplace of Cuchulainn’s wife, Emer.