A beautifully restored cottage, Mary McAleese & a historic village

The beautiful St Mogue’s Cottage is located on the grounds of St Edan’s Cathedral in Ferns. It largely dates from the 18th century and was originally used for housing the Cathedral’s clergy. The cottage has recently been lovingly restored and re-thatched by master craftsmen and was officially opened for parish and community functions by President Mary McAleese in 2004. Ferns was established in 598 AD when a monastery was founded here. It was dedicated to St Mogue of Clonmore also known as St. Aidan, Bishop of Ferns. Ferns was once the capital of the Kingdom of Leinster and may have developed into one of Ireland’s largest cities but for a fire that completely destroyed the town in 1166. King Dermot McMurrough founded St Mary’s Abbey in Ferns as a house for Augustinian canons in c.1158 and was later buried here in 1171. The town also boasts ruins of a Norman Castle, an Augustinian abbey, St Mogue’s Well, High Crosses, a monastery, and the magnificent Ferns Tapestry.