Once the largest smock windmill in Europe and now the Digital Hub of Dublin

St Patrick’s Tower is located on Thomas Street in Dublin City. It was built in 1757 and was the largest smock windmill in Europe used to power the Roe Whiskey Distillery. A smock mill is a type of windmill that consists of a sloping side that resembled smocks worn by farmers in the Netherlands, where their construction originated. George Roe and Company started their company here in the 1750s and by 1887 it had expanded into the largest distillery in Europe. At that time the Thomas Street Distillery covered 17 acres and was producing 2 million gallons of whiskey annually. Roe Whiskey was exported to the United States, Canada, and Australia as well as all over Europe. The Row family became so wealthy that they even funded the restoration of Christ Church Cathedral. By the turn of the new century, however, the whiskey industry went into a global decline. By 1926 the distillery had ceased producing whiskey but held large quantities of unsold stock in storage. In the mid 1940′s, the company finally dissolved and in 1949 the next-door neighbors, a little unknown company called Guinness bought the entire site! This is now the Digital Hub of Dublin where technology, media, and internet companies are encouraged to set up and thrive together in a business community.