Staigue Fort is a NATIONAL MONUMENT that dates from the late iron age (approx 300 – 400 a.d). It’s name ‘Caiseal Stéig’ translates  to ‘the fort of the steps’ or possibly ‘the windy fort’. It is located in a spectacular location a few miles up a mountain pass valley near the village of Sneem on the Ring of Kerry and commands incredible sweeping views out across Kenmare Bay to the distant peaks of the Miskish Mountains. It was probably built as a defensive stronghold for a local chieftain with a diameter of 90 feet, walls of 18 feet and a 20 foot ditch. This was a considerable feat of engineering as it was built without mortar, using undressed stones. The lintelled doorway leads to an elaborate network of stairways, terraces and corbelled cells within the walls. It ranks with Grianán of Ailigh in County Donegal and Dun Aengus on the Aran Islands as one of the three most important early forts in Ireland. Staigue Fort is also attracting the attention of star gazers as this area in southwest Kerry has recently been accredited as an International Dark-Sky Gold Tier Reserve. This is only one of three places on the globe to get the award and the only one in the northern hemisphere – the other 2 being Namibia and New Zealand.