1741 Monuments

Funded by a few rich landowners to provide employment after great freeze and storms of 1740/1 where between 250,000 and 480,000 people died.

Built as a granary in response to the 1741 ‘forgotten famine’.

The Bottle Tower, Churchtown. County Dublin        1742 This odd looking structure is known as The Bottle Tower or Hall’s Barn. It was commissioned by Major Hall in 1742 as a miniature replica of the Wonderful Barn [...]

A unique and odd looking structure, The 1741 famine & The emblem of the Irish Georgian Society

Conolly’s Folly, Celbridge, County Kildare This strange looking structure was built in 1742 and is known as 'Conolly's Folly' or ‘Conolly’s Obelisk’. It stands 140-feet high and is composed of several arches and is adorned [...]

An odd looking obelisk, the Year of the Slaughter & Ireland’s forgotten famine

Killiney Obelisk is located on top of Killiney Hill in south county Dublin and commands some of the most spectacular vistas of Dublin Bay. It was built in 1742 to commemorate a sad event in [...]

Possibly Ireland’s most famous folly

The Wonderful Barn, Leixlip, County Kildare This odd looking structure is The Wonderful Barn. It was commissioned as a famine relief project by Katherine Conolly. Katherine was the widow of William ‘Speaker’ Conolly of the [...]

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