Amazing Hotels

Delphi Lodge, Delphi Valley. co.Galway 1830

Delphi Lodge is located in one of the most spectacular valleys in Ireland on it's own 1000 acre estate. It is surrounded by wild rivers, beautiful lakes and some of the tallest mountains in Connemara. [...]

Barberstown Castle, Straffan. co.Kildare c.1500 on earlier Norman site

The original castle on this site was built by Nicholas Barby in 1288 on land owned by the Norman Fitzgerald family. Over the next 800 years it has passed into the ownership of 37 different [...]

The Cashel Palace Hotel, Cashel. co.Tipperary 1732 (Caiseal-Rock of the Kings)

The Cashel Palace Hotel was built in 1732 by Archbishop Theophilus Bolton and was designed by Sir Edward Lovett Pearce. Pearce was the leading architect in Ireland and was the man who designed the original [...]

Dromoland Castle, Newmarket-on-Fergus. co.Clare 1835

Dromoland Castle is one of the most beautiful and desirable 5* hotels in Ireland. It is believed that this location was the ancestral home of the O’Briens who are the direct descendants of Brian Boru [...]

Clontarf Castle Gatehouse, Clontarf. co. Dublin 1837

This is the beautiful gatehouse for Clontarf Castle which along with the castle were totally remodeled in the 1830's. The original castle was built by the Norman, Hugh de Lacy, in 1172 near the site [...]

Ashford Castle, Cong. co. Mayo – b.1881 on earlier Norman site

The architecture of Ashford Castle dates from several eras. The oldest section is a 13th-century Norman castle that once belonged to the de Burgh family. A house styled like a French château (the original Ashford [...]

Adare Manor, Adare. co.Limerick 1832 – 1864

This magnificent Gothic style house is Adare Manor. Windham Henry Quin (the 2nd Earl of Dunraven) lived on this estate and wanted a bigger 'pad'. He started work on this structure in 1832 but did [...]

Castle Durrow, Durrow. co.Laois – 1716 (Darú-‘Plain of the Oaks’)

This beautiful 'country pile' is Castle Durrow. It was built between 1712 and 1716 as a family home by Captain William Flower who was the member of parliament for Kilkenny. He later became the 1st [...]

Castle Leslie, Glaslough. co.Monaghan – 1870

The Leslie Family can trace their ancestry back to Atilla the Hun of Hungary and to a nobleman called Bartholomew Leslie. Bartholomew saved Margaret Queen of Scotland's life in 1065 in an incident whilst they [...]

Killeen Castle, Dunsany. co.Meath – built c.1820

The history of Killeen Castle dates back over eight hundred years to 1181, when Hugh de Lacy built castles for a strategic defense system for north Leinster. From 1403 until the 1950’s, the castle acted [...]

Carton House, Maynooth. co.Kildare – 1739

Carton House was built in 1739 for the Fitzgerald family. It was designed by the famous architect Richard Cassels whose other works include Leinster House, Powerscourt House, The Connoly Folly and Russborough House. The history [...]

The K Club, Straffan. co.Kildare 1832

The original building here, Straffan House, was built in 1832 during the Regency era by Hugh Barber of the wine firm 'Barber and Guestier'. He also purchased Barberstown Castle and to live in during it's [...]

Mount Juliet, Thomastown. co.Kilkenny – 1757

Mount Juliet was built in 1757 by the Earl of Carrick in compliment to his wife, Lady Juliana (Juliet). This estate has very strong Norman associations and in particular with the great Butler family. This [...]

Dungiven Castle, Dungiven. co.Derry – 1836

Dungiven Castle was the ancestral home of the O'Cahan clan who ruled the area between the 12th and 17th Century. Danny Boy, one of the most recorded melodies ever composed was originally called O'Cahan’s Lament. [...]

Cloonacaueen Castle, Tuam Road. co.Galway – 15th century

Cloonacauneen Castle is a stunning 15th century tower house situated on outskirts of Galway City. Unusually, the majority of Cloonacaueen's owners have been recorded since 1574, when Richard Beag Burke lived here. The castle next [...]

Radisson Blu St Helen’s Hotel, Stillorgan. co.Dublin 1750

The 5* Radisson Blu St Helen's Hotel in Dublin was once one of Ireland's most magnificent private houses. It was built in 1750 as a home for the Dublin barrister Thomas Cooley who was also [...]

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