Clonmines Medieval Borough, Wellington Bridge. co.Wexford c.13th-16th centuries

This interesting site is one of the best preserved and much over-looked medieval towns in Ireland. Clonmines probably began it's life as a Norman settlement established by William Marshall in the 13th century as an [...]

St Bridget’s High Cross, Kildare Town. co.Kildare c.9th-12th (Cill Dara-Church of the Oak)

St Brigid's High Cross stands 9 feet tall in the grounds of St Bridget's Cathedral in Kildare Town. The cross is difficult to date because many of it's granite features have worn away and the [...]

Taghadoe Round Tower, Taghadoe. co.Kildare c.10th Century

Taghadoe derives its name from 'Teach Tua', meaning House of Tua. St Tua, also known as Ultan the Silent, was the abbot of Clonmacnoise who founded the monastery here. Little is known of it except [...]

The Anchorite Cell Chapel, Fore. co.Westmeath c.1830 on earlier site

This little building is the Anchorite Cell Chapel and is part of the Fore Abbey complex. The original church here was founded by St Feichin in 630 and the abbey later expanded to have up [...]

Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin City – founded c.1028

Christ Church Cathedral, founded in c.1028 is one of the finest historical buildings in Ireland. Sitric Silkbeard, (the first Christian Danish king) built a wooden church here in c.1028 as this location was the most [...]

St Mary’s Cathedral, Kilkenny City. co. Kilkenny 1859

St. Mary’s Cathedral is situated on the highest point in Kilkenny City and dominates the landscape with it's beautiful 186 foot tower. Before the arrival of Cromwell in 1650 the Catholic congregation of Kilkenny celebrated [...]

St Bridget’s Cathedral, Kildare Town. co.Kildare – 1230

St Bridget's Cathedral was built on top of the same site that St Brigid founded her nunnery in the 5th century a.d. It is believed that Brigid’s mother was kidnapped by Irish pirates from Portugal [...]

Gallarus Oratory, Gallarus. co. Kerry c.6th -12th century a.d?

The Gallarus Oratory located on the Dingle Peninsula is one of Ireland's most famous landmarks. It's simple and stunning shape has been compared to that of an upturned boat. Every stone in it's construction has [...]

Clonmacnoise, Shannonbridge. co.Offaly – founded 546 a.d

The monastery of Clonmacnoise was founded by St Ciarán in 546 a.d. and is one of Ireland's most important ecclesiastical centres. This strategic location on the Shannon was where the main east-west road across the [...]

Templar’s Church, Templetown. co.Wexford – c.1310

Templetown received its name from the Knights Templar, a brotherhood of monastic Norman warriors who originated during the crusades. After the Norman invasion of Ireland in 1169, large areas of land around the Hook Peninsula [...]

Voted ‘Building of the Century’ – St.Aengus’ Church, Burt. co.Donegal 1967

This stunning and timeless church located in Burt, co. Donegal was designed by local award winning architects Frank Corr and Liam McCormick. It is regarded as a masterpiece of design and was awarded 'Building of [...]

St Canice’s Cathedral & Roundtower, Kilkenny City – c.9th & 13th centuries

St Canice's Cathedral & Roundtower was built between 1202 and 1285 and is the second longest cathedral in Ireland after St Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin. The Round Tower is approx. 100 feet tall and is [...]

St Patrick’s Cathedral (Roman Catholic) , Armagh City. built 1838 >1873

St Patrick was reputed to have built the first 'great stone church' here in 445 a.d inside a ringfort on a hill called 'Druimsailech'. He called it 'My Sweet Hill' and ordained that this church [...]

St Audeon’s Church, High Street. Dublin – c.1190

St Audeon's has the distinction of being the only medieval parish church, retaining any original features, still in use within the city of Dublin. It is dedicated to St Ouen the 7th century bishop of [...]

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin City – c.1220 (Dubh Linn-‘Black Pool’)

St.Patrick's Cathedral is the largest church in Ireland and is also reputed to be Ireland's earliest Christian site, where St. Patrick baptized converts. Unusually, Dublin has two cathedrals belonging to the Church of Ireland, which [...]

Turlough Round Tower, Turlough. co. Mayo – c.9th century

This well-preserved round tower stands on a hillside overlooking the gardens for the National Museum of Country Life. The Round Tower dates to the c.9th century and is odd looking as it has a lower [...]

St Mary’s Cathedral, Bridge Street. Limerick City – founded 1168

St Mary's Cathedral is the oldest, most historic and most beautiful building in Limerick City. According to tradition, Donal Mor O'Brien, the last King of Munster, founded this Romanesque Cathedral on the site of his [...]

Adare Augustinian Friary, Adare. co.Limerick – founded 1316

Adare Friary is located in one of the most beautiful villages in Ireland. It was formerly known as the "Black Abbey" (because the Augustinian friars wore a black habit.) and is now known as "St. [...]

Kylemore Abbey Church, Kylemore Abbey. co.Galway – 1881

Kylemore Church is regarded as one of the most beautiful churches in Ireland and has one the finest interiors. It was built in the memory of Margaret Henry and is sometimes referred to as the [...]

Rathmichael Church of Ireland, Rathmichael. co.Dublin – 1865

Rathmichael is now an sleepy suburban area of South Dublin lying between the mountains and the sea. This area was however once a highly important area in both pre and early Christian times as it [...]

Parish of Kilternan Church, Kilternan. co.Dublin 1826 (Cill Tiarnáin-Church of Tiarnán)

This beautiful church, built in 1826  was designed by the famous Dublin architect John Semple. Semple was the leading architect in Dublin during the 1820's and 1830's. Many of his designs are in the 'late [...]

Ballintoy Parish Church, Ballintoy. co. Antrim 1813

Ballintoy Church was built in 1813 and is perched on a hill above Ballintoy harbour. It is one of the most scenic churches in the country and is often pictured with the stunning vista of [...]

Skreen Church. Hill of Skryne. co. Meath – 1341

Skreen Church is a national monument which stands on an elevated position on The Hill of Skryne. It was built in 1341 on the site of an earlier church which had a shrine dedicated to [...]

Cloncha Church, Culdaff. co.Donegal – built c.1600 on ancient site

This National Monument is Cloncha Church located near the village of Culdaff. This location is one of the most important early Christian sites in Ireland and from the sixth century onwards, it was favoured by [...]

Kilgobbin Church & c.10th High Cross, Stepaside. co.Dublin – 1707

This little church is steeped in history and is located in the village of Stepaside on the foot of the Dublin Mountains. It was built in 1707 on an ancient pre-Norman site where a wooden [...]

St Alphonsus’ Church, Barntown. co.Wexford – 1851

This church was designed by Augustus Welby Pugin the foremost British architect of the 19th century. He was also an extraordinarily gifted artist and designed ceramics, stained glass, wallpapers, textiles, memorial brasses and church plates [...]

Tamlaghtfinlagan Church of Ireland, Ballykelly. co.Derry – 1795

Ballykelly village was a plantation settlement and contains some of the most interesting buildings erected in Ulster. These were funded by plantation companies during the 18th and 19th centuries like in this case by The [...]

St Patrick’s Parish Church, Enniskerry. co.Wicklow -1859

This is the beautiful St Patrick's Parish Church located in Enniskerry village. It was built by Mervyn Wingfield, 7th Viscount Powerscourt in 1859 in response to the Protestant population of the village not having a [...]

The Holy Trinity Church, Dunamase. co.Laois – 1863

This small granite building is The Holy Trinity Church of Ireland. It was built in 1863 and is still in use today. It is located at the main entrance to The Rock of Dunamase which [...]

White Church, Ballyboden. co.Dublin – 1827

Whitechurch is located at the back of Marlay Park at the foot of the Dublin mountains. It derives it's name from a small white church in Kilmashogue, built in the proximity of an ancient Cairn [...]

St Doulagh’s Church, Cross and Baptistry, Balgriffin. co.Dublin – c.12th century a.d

St Doulagh's Church is Ireland's oldest stone-roofed church that is still in use today. The complex also comprises of a stone pool-house and an octagonal structure which is also Ireland's only surviving standalone baptistry. The [...]

Howth Presbyterian Church, Howth. co.Dublin – 1898

This church was built in 1898 to meet the needs of Scottish fishermen in the last century. It is described as 'Gothic in style, with a castellated 3-stage tower to the north, transepts to the [...]

Baldongan Church and Tower, Skerries. co.Dublin – c.13th century a.d

This national monument are the ruins of a fortified church constructed by the Knights Templar in the 13th century. It is located between Lusk and Skerries in north co. Dublin. A castle which lay adjacent [...]

Holy Trinity Church, Rathmines. Dublin City – 1828

This church was designed by the famous architect John Semple (1801–1882). Semple shares the same name as his father who was also an architect and both worked for the Board of First Fruits. He also [...]

Mary Immaculate Refuge of Sinners Church, Rathmines. Dublin City – 1854

This impressive church was built in 1854 “in the Greek Style” by Patrick Byrne and was later extended by W.H. Byrne who added the portico and pediment. This pediment is inscribed “Mariae Immaculatae Refugio Pecatorum”. [...]

St Eugene’s Cathedral, Francis Street. Derry City – 1851

According to legend, Eugene (which means ‘born under the protection of the yew tree' in Irish) was a monk from Dublin who had a vision to travel north to set up a monastery. Eugene was [...]

St Augustine’s Church, Society Street. Derry City – 1872

St. Augustine's is locally known as the “Wee Church on the Walls” and is thought to be located on the original site of the first monastery founded by St Columba in 546AD. In 1164 this [...]

St Columba’s Chapel, Quigley’s Point. co.Donegal – 1871

This 'barn' styled gothic building is St. Columba’s Church. It is located on an elevated position with stunning views over Lough Foyle. It was built in 1871 close to the site of an early Christian [...]

Church of All Saints, Newtowncunningham. co.Donegal – 1999

This beautiful Catholic church was built in 1999 at a cost of €1.2 million. It's design is based on St.Peter's fishing boat (or barque) as it was a powerful symbol of the early Christian church. [...]

Thomastown Church, Thomastown. co.Kilkenny – abbey ruins c.13th, church 1809

This interesting 19th century church is located at the centre of the beautiful village of Thomastown in co. Kilkenny. The church was built in 1809 within the original structure of a 13th century ruined abbey. [...]

St Mary’s Church, Gowran. co.Kilkenny – founded 1280

This national monument is St Mary's Church located in the village of Gowran, co. Kilkenny. The church consists of a nave with an aisle and a long chancel and was served by a college of [...]

Cathedral of the Assumption. Carlow Town. co.Carlow – 1833

This Gothic styled Cathedral was built in 1833 on the site of a penal church and is dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was designed mainly by Thomas A. Cobden (other [...]

St Aidan’s Cathedral. Enniscorthy. co.Wexford – 1843

St Aidan's Cathedral was designed by the famous Victorian architect Austus Welby Pugin (1812 – 1852). Pugin is remembered for his pioneering role in the Gothic Revival style and was an extraordinarily gifted artist who [...]

St Macculin’s Church, Lusk. co.Dublin – c.9th Round Tower c.15th Keep. c.19th Church

This interesting building is comprised of a 9th century round tower, a 15th century defensive tower and a 19th century church. The village of Lusk derives its name from an Irish word 'lusca' which means [...]

St Columba’s Church, Long Tower. Derry City – 1810

Derry takes it's name from the Irish word 'doire' meaning oak grove. Oak groves were regarded as sacred places in the pre-Christian times for the Celtic pagan peoples. The original settlement here was a monastery [...]

St Columb’s Cathedral, London Street. Derry City – 1633

St Columb's Cathedral is reputedly the first Protestant Cathedral to be built in Europe after The Reformation and is Derry's oldest surviving building that is still in use today. It was built on the city's [...]

Straffan Parish Church, Straffan. co.Kildare – 1838

Straffan Parish Church was built in 1838 and takes it's architectural design from France. This connection was through the local Barton family who built the nearby K-Club. Thomas Barton, originally from Buttevant in Co. Cork [...]

Galway Cathedral, Galway City – 1965

The Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and St Nicholas is more commonly known as Galway Cathedral. This site, on the banks of the Corrib River was originally the site of the old city [...]

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