Clock Towers

The Clock Tower, Waterford Quays. Waterford City 1863

During the Victorian era, Waterford was Ireland's busiest industrial port. It had the largest ship building yards in the country (before being surpassed by Belfast) and traded to 400 international ports all over the World. [...]

The Clocktower Building, Ebrington Barracks. Derry City – 1841

This site was originally known as 'Stronge's Orchard' and was first used for military purposes during the Siege of Derry in 1688/9 when King James's soldiers bombarded the walled city from this spectacular location on [...]

Albert Memorial Clock, Queen’s Square. Belfast City – 1869

The Albert Memorial Clock is located at Queen's Square in Belfast and is one of Belfast's best known landmarks. In 1865 a competition for the design of a memorial to Queen Victoria's late Prince Consort, [...]

The Guildhall, Guildhall Street. Derry City – 1890

This impressive piece of architecture is Derry's Guildhall. It was built in 1887 using red sandstone and it's style is described as neo-gothic with Tudor overtones. It has the 2nd largest clock face in the [...]

Enniskerry Clock Tower, Enniskerry. co.Wicklow – 1843

Enniskerry Village (Ath na Sceire ‘Ford of the Stones’) was built as part of Powerscourt Estate to house its tenants who worked the land in the area. The village was designed and laid out by [...]

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