Deenagh Lodge, Killarney. co.Kerry 1834

This beautiful cottage orne is Deenagh Lodge. It is located at the entrance to Killarney National Park beside the Deenagh River. It was built in 1834 using the local river reed which being hollow offered [...]

Swiss Cottage, Cahir. co.Tipperary 1810

This national monument as is regarded as one of the finest examples of a 'cottage ornee' in Europe. These fantasy houses were popular with the gentry in the 19th century where they could play at [...]

Shell Cottage,The Carton Estate. co.Kildare – c.1750

The history of Shell Cottage relates directly to one of the former inhabitants of Carton House, Emily Fitzgerald. She was the great granddaughter of Charles II, and married James Fitzgerald in 1747, the 20th Earl [...]

St Mogue’s Cottage, Ferns. co. Wexford – c.18th century

This is the beautiful St. Mogue’s Cottage located in the grounds of St Edan's Cathedral in Ferns, co.Wexford. It largely dates from the 18th century and was originally used for housing the Cathedral's clergy. The [...]

Old Irish Cottage, Culdaff. co.Donegal – c.1800

This is a beautiful example of an unaltered traditional Irish cottage. Such cottages date from c.1700 onwards as prior to that, our ancestors lived in round hut style dwellings built of wattle and daub. These [...]

Cottage Ruin, Clane. co.Kildare – c.1800

This cottage ruin was probably built around 1800. Such cottages are often located on land still owned by the future generations of the same family who lived in them. Instead of demolishing or trying to [...]

Birthplace of Patrick Kennedy, Dunganstown. co.Wexford – built c.1790

This small cottage in Dunganstown, co. Wexford is the birthplace of JFK's great grandfather Patrick Kennedy (c. 1823 – 1858). By the time Patrick reached adulthood, both his parents were dead and the family homestead was [...]

Irish Cottage, Kinvarra. co.Galway – c.1800

Just had to include this lovely traditional thatched cottage located near Kinvarra, co. Galway.  17 people used to live in this house and they were the lucky ones! See Dunguaire Castle in the background. [...]

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